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Design Form

Thank you for allowing Kay Laurice to be your Go To Graphic Designer.


Please fill out the form below to gather the information needed for your design. Turn around time for design services is 2-3 business days to receive the first proof.

Need help choosing the RIGHT colors?


Click Here to choose your brand colors and receive your color hex codes.


Once you arrive to the third party site you will see a display with the main color wheel and 5 mini wheels.


Step 1: Locate the drop down menu at the top right hand corner of the screen and change the selection from Analogous to Custom.


Step 2: You can now move the arms on the main color wheel to select custom colors. Those colors will show on the mini wheels displayed at the bottom of your screen. 


Step 3: Please be sure to copy the color codes (example: ##ff0071) displayed under each wheel once you have chosen your desired color. 


Step 4: To achieve a darker tone of a color you have selected turn down the opacity of desired color from 100% to your desired color tone.



Inquire Services

Thank you reaching out,. For a faster response please call our ofifice 904-372-3631.